Friday, February 21, 2014


Secondo has embarked upon a science project venture, and it has been a bit rocky.

The first attempt was a bust. Only four seeds sprouted, out of 35 planted. This only seemed to prove that the seeds may have been a faulty batch, hardly the stuff upon which awards are bestowed.

Back to the beginning, with a different brand of seed.

The experiment has something to do with the effect of different fertilizers, and one of the fertilizers he ended up using was Fish Fertilizer.

If you have never smelled this stuff, imagine 1,000 decaying and putrifying fish. Liquified. Then condensed. Add a couple of batches of human vomit just to tune up the smell a bit.

I am sure that it is great for your plants, but I can attest that it is not so great for your nose. Did I mention the experiment is being done in our basement?

Last night I was summoned to the basement by an angry shout that could only mean one thing; he had made a mess, and I was expected to clean it up, because that's the way the world works when you are a fifteen year old boy. Our laundry is in our basement, and the folding table is next to the plant grow lights, and...


Fish fertilizer all over clean clothes, when he smacked the bottle against the folding table to dislodge a clog.

Despite my best attempts to clean it up, the nauseating odor of fish fertilizer still permeates the air. I get to spend plenty of time smelling it, too. Now I am worried that all my time down there has made my nose immune to the stench, and we are all going to be walking around smelling like a vomitorium, and we will have no idea. A scene straight out of Sponge Bob, and while Something Smells is one of my favorite episodes, I sure wish I wasn't living it.

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  1. Um... perfect time to teach the young'uns to do their own laundry! That will give you more time for knitting!