Tuesday, February 11, 2014

photography finale

Contrary to expectations, the photographer showed up for the second lesson, and the third (and last) tonight. Though I nearly didn't make it, because my day consisted of such fun as:

  1. Terzo coming down with the flu this morning;
  2. Finding out in the checkout line at Shoprite, after $100 worth of groceries were rung up, that Primo had "borrowed" my credit card and neglected to put it back in my wallet;
  3. Nearly losing a slightly-too-adventurous kitten outside in the cold; and
  4. Not having a car to drive, because my husband had a board of health meeting and the other vehicles are inaccessible due to mounds of snow and ice at this point.
Eileen took pity on me and drove out of her way to get me, and the photographer took pity on us both and waited to start the class until we got there, and even stayed late as we got carried away with the effects we were getting with night-time photography.

The subject was the old mill in town, which contains shops and hopefully, soon, a restaurant. It is a really neat building.

I was having a bit of trouble with the tripod I was using (inadequate photographer's trick: blame the equipment) so most of my pictures are slighly tilted, but I still got a couple of neat shots. You can see Eileen's tripod all the way to the right in the picture above.

A bit more focus on the church steeple in the background. I love that you can see the snow on the roof. 

So my class is done! We'll see if it makes any difference, but what is comes down to is me taking the time to play around more with the manual settings and not get so frustrated and switch back to the automatic ones. I do have a better handle on which settings affect which aspects of a shot gone wrong. Hopefully now I can use my knowledge for the power of better pictures.

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  1. ok, you've inspired me. I need to find a class and learn something new!