Monday, February 10, 2014


If I didn't know better, I would think that NJ has been moved several hundred miles and is now part of the greater midwest.

A few weeks ago, the two inches of icy slippery snow that coated all surfaces this morning would have sent everyone into a tizzy. A delayed school opening, at the very least, would have been called for.

This morning it was just business as usual. Get out the ice scraper, get out the shovel, get out the plow. Ok, so maybe there is a bit more cursing in NJ than in the Midwest. But we are definitely resigned to our current fate.

The girls are certainly used to it and could care less as long as they are fed every day. They were happy to see me finally arrive with the grain bucket this morning, though a little later than their usual time because we were busy with snow removal duties.

The only good thing about all this snow is that it provides a handy cold storage solution for the problem of getting water to the back pasture.

Simply scoop into the heated water container when fresh and unsullied by dirty hooves. It will melt in no time.

Nine ewes are packed in there, bellying up to the hay bar!

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