Saturday, October 31, 2015


Better get a blog post up before I break my streak: since I started blogging in 2008, I never had a month when I didn't blog. In fact, I never had a month where I only had one blog post, but it's a little late for that streak now so I'll just try not to break the first one.

So much going on around here. Too much work, but at least Old Job is pretty much done and I can start focusing on New Job. The routine isn't in place just yet, but that's okay because things are so up in the air around here that maximum flexibility is the primary criterion for an employer at the moment, and I am blessed to have just that.

I spent most of one weekend seeing this guy with Secondo in tow, very interesting experience:

I have spent many weekends and afternoons and nights watching these sorts of activities:

Secondo was co-captain of the team as a junior and their top-scorer all season.

Yep, it's finally Terzo's turn to start running.

Primo is on the right; his roommate is on the left

Very little and very much fiber stuff going on. Nothing on the needles all fall, another unfortunate record. No new patterns (except for one finally getting finished, to be covered in a future post) but it is FALL, and fall means fiber festivals.

At Garden State Sheep Breeders, a most enjoyable weekend with my mom:

At Kings County Fiber Festival in Brooklyn about a month later; a very enjoyable Saturday with my mom:

And then the mother of all fiber festivals, Rhinebeck, a scant week after that, not with my mom but with a very enjoyable group of fellow Coopworth breeders:

In addition to all that, add birthdays (Secondo and Primo), driving tests (Secondo: he passed), Halloween parties and costumes (Terzo: he hauled in 13 pounds of candy), cross-country team mom duties (for Secondo's team, can't really say no when your kid is a captain which was probably the plan) and lots and lots of running (me, getting ready for a half marathon next weekend).

Girls are out on the front lawn now to catch the last of the grass before we have to start the hay. With the price of hay this year given the low rainfall summer we had, we would like to wait as long as possible!

Girls seem to be saying it is time to slow down and take a breath.

Just enough time to throw in a few seasonally appropriate and timely photos, because Chris said, at the rate I am going, she wouldn't be seeing them before Easter.

It's nice to beat expectations every once in a while. Terzo in his James Bond costume, and pumpkins carved by the boys tonight, along with assorted roommates and girlfriends. Happy Halloween!