Sunday, February 23, 2014

family gold

The Olympics end tonight, and it turns out that Ravellenics was a fail for me.  The shawl is not done: I ended up ripping out the whole border on Friday night because I was just not happy with it. The brown vest is not done. The colorwork mittens weren't even touched.

However, I did score a gold medal this past weekend in quality family time. The boys' Christmas present was a ski weekend. We stayed at Fiddle Lake Farm, a fantastic bed and breakfast near Elk Mountain in Pennsylvania.

Highly, highly recommended. Beautiful grounds, welcoming hosts, delicious food. The best part was a sledding hill, with sleds, tubes and a toboggan provided.

We all had a ball.

The focus of the weekend was, as you might imagine, skiing. I haven't skied in years, so I was happy to provide ground support for my little Brooklyn nephews, who were on skis for the first time. I think I climbed the bunny hill about eleventy million times to help them ski back down. It was a win-win because I desperately needed the exercise.

The whole skiing family is in this shot, except one little nephew, though you can't really tell! I do know that Primo is on the snowboard in the front.

So much for knitting in the ski lodge, but I wouldn't have traded a minute of it.

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