Wednesday, February 5, 2014

froze up

The ice storm arrived as promised. Very neat photo opportunities, such as binder twine on a gate, unless you had to actually deal with it. (I must be very clear here: my husband took this picture, AND dealt with it.)

The commute to work was a pain, with wires and trees down all over the place. Poor trees!

Same spot as yesterday, but today the trees were so weighed down
with heavy ice that I had to duck to get under them.

I was particularly nervous about about this storm because Primo had a huge commitment this afternoon/evening, in Atlantic City, which is about a 1.5 hour drive away. Atlantic City, being well south of us, had no problem with the storm. It was just a matter of getting him there.

He was co-speaking on behalf of the NJ 4-H program. Luckily we had no problem once we started down, and I delivered him on time and ready to go.

Unlike the weather, no freezing up for him. He did a great job. His co-speaker is to the left of the picture, and NJ Secretary of Agriculture Douglas Fisher to the right.

Once he cleared that hurdle, it was onto the youth reception, complete with sash and agricultural product from Mercer County. This is a high pressure commitment! We ended up with honey. I was hoping for something a bit fancier but the storms closed all the local farmers markets.

All the youth representatives, again with Secretary Fisher. County ambassadors and dairy princesses and state equestriennes galore. Note all the tiaras and evening gowns! It was quite the affair. Primo barely held his own in a blazer. Should have rented him a tuxedo. And a tractor.


  1. And did you wear your formal gown and tiara?

  2. That Mercer County banner is the only one I can read (on my phone. )

  3. So wonderful that even as a senior he is so dedicated to the 4H. I guess I didn't picture tiaras and gowns at an ag event! Great photos.