Friday, February 14, 2014

ravellenics update

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am all over the Rule of Thirds.

One week into the Olympics, and I hoped to have big news of progress on all three project fronts but the sad truth is, I really haven't gotten much done at all. I still labor under the misbegotten impression that if I say something should happen, then magically it will be so. The fact that everything else will not stop in its tracks because I declare some stupid goal always tends to surprise me.

But there has been Olympic knitting going on! Did you catch the NBC footage of the Finnish snowboarding coach, Antii Koskinen, knitting at the top of the slope, just before one of his athletes was preparing for his run?

Apparently the entire team is working on a scarf to give to Team Finland for the Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio. What a great way to pass along some Olympic mojo.

Speaking of knitting mojo, here are my weekend plans.
  • Saturday: Knit.
  • Sunday: Knit some more.
  • Monday: Use my day off work, when the boys will be gone, to knit like crazy.
With any luck, this will result in at least one project finished.

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  1. Good luck! Glad I didn't make any Ravellenics goals this year. I am doggedly working on my Hitchhiker shawlette and loving it, but I am itching to cast on another shawl (Ysolda's Marin), and I also want to get going on some socks and a hat for my older son. Ah, not enough time in the day, for sure!