Wednesday, February 19, 2014

the problem with kittens

The problem with kittens is that before you know it, your iphone and camera are full of kitten pictures (not all taken by you) and your blog has devolved into a constant stream of kitten posts, because, well, there's all these pictures.

The only way a dog can get his picture taken these days, so he can make a fleeting appearance on the blog, is if he is coerced into being in the same frame as the kitten.

Not to mention the other problem with kittens, at least according to Dusty, is that they are shameless bed-stealers, even when their own bed is right there.


  1. But they are so darn cute!

  2. sooooo cutttteeeeee! <3 :D i just love her! my parents need to get another kitten.