Monday, February 17, 2014

downhill crash

So close. I really thought that I would be able to post about finishing my mystery knit-a-long shawl today, despite the fact that Clue 5B proceeds about as quickly as paint drying. I made that choice over the more symmetrical lace Clue 5A because (1) I have been trying to choose the non-obvious choice for me all along and (2) I thought it would match up well with my previous choices. I was correct, it did, though as with all knitted-on edges, which are worked perpendicular to the previous rows, it took quite a bit longer.

Still and all, I was making good progress, and there is one less stitch every 12 rows, which means it's all downhill, faster and faster as you go along. And then....


Of the knitterly sort, in the form of not having enough yarn to finish the pattern as written. That small brown ball is all I have left, and the circular needle is holding a lot of stitches that still need to be worked.

It's not just short by a few yards. Nope, I am short by at least 75 yards, best as I can tell, which is very, very odd, considering that I had over 100 yards more than the pattern said I would need. And of course, this is a discontinued, hand-painted yarn that I bought years ago, so no chance of getting more.

Insert a big, giant ARGHHHH!!!!!! of frustration here. Even more so because I was very pleased with how the edging, and the shawl as whole, was turning out.

When I called my mother for some sympathy—she ripped her entire shawl out about two weeks ago because she was unhappy with the way her yarn choices were working out—she pointed out that many people were having the same problem with the pattern. Sure enough, a trip to Ravelry confirmed that I am in very good company, which was somewhat comforting. Even more comforting was a possible solution, presented by a fellow sufferer, which I spent this afternoon chewing over and does not involved ripping out the hours and hours of work that I have put into it so far.

Though when I left my project on the floor for a few minutes, someone else quickly volunteered for the "ripping it out" job.


  1. It's a beautiful shawl! Oh my, good luck with a creative solution! And that kitten is too cute for words...

  2. Kittens know best! But the shawl is really lovely. I hope you can find a way to finish it!