Sunday, February 9, 2014


We spent most of today introducing Valentine to Dusty, and vice versa.

We found a metal end cap in the basement—see, honey, it does pay to never throw anything away— and it perfectly blocked the door so the two could see and smell each other, but not touch.

After hours of this, with Dusty's tail wagging the entire time and her tail finally staying at normal size when he visited her, we took down the gate. They were fine, though I couldn't manage any pictures of them because Dusty follows her around so closely that I can't get a clear shot. There has been no hissing or swipes with claws, so they seem to be okay so far.

Dusty isn't the only intrigued one. That's Primo visiting her in her bathroom—we put her in, or sometimes she puts herself in, when she gets overwhelmed all the newness. Primo has been an anti-cat voice for years, but seems he may have fallen for her charms. Who can resist a kitten?

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  1. And now you are indoor animal color coordinated, too!