Thursday, February 13, 2014

pax vobiscum

Geez, what a day. We woke up to lots of white everywhere, as predicted. School was cancelled last night for all three boys, so no need for alarm clocks and early morning packed lunches this morning.

With the prospect of a day off of work, and because it was a mess out there, I settled in for a bit of quiet knitting. That lasted all of five minutes. My boys are early risers even without the alarms.

Outside in formation, except for Terzo, who is still running a fever. We did the chores and cleaned six inches of snow up in record time thanks to the best (and most timely) Valentine's Day gift ever: a snow blower, compliments of my parents.

Primo on the snow blower, my husband in the plow truck,
clearing the patient parking lot.

My boys will be eternally grateful. I will be eternally grateful, especially once we don't have boys to help out anymore, a day that will be here before I know it.

I headed out to the office to field phone calls from patients. My husband told his office manager to stay home, rather than try and navigate the iffy roads. He only saw a few patients, but I got a ton of work done, plus a bit of knitting while I was on hold with insurance companies.

Now for a bit more knitting in front of the Olympics with my valentines and my Valentine. Peace be with you. Pax vobiscum. Regardless of what this stupid storm is called.

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