Thursday, February 20, 2014

knitting club

Tonight was the fourth or so meeting of the new town knitting club, held in the second story of the old mill, just to the left of the "earth" sign.

It was packed, with almost twenty people there! My problem with knitting clubs is that I usually spend too much time clubbing and not enough time knitting, especially if I haven't seen some of the people in a while. I also forgot the golden rule of knitting-club knitting, which is bring something simple. Lace is no good. A garter stitch project is just about right.

Unfortunately, the project I grabbed was my mystery knit-a-long shawl. I think I am happy with the solution I worked out, with much agonizing. I decided to mimic the garter stitch rows in the previous clue, right at the turn of the second "elbow," before switching back to Color 1 for the rest of the border. Hopefully it is close enough to the other two-stripe motifs in the rest of the shawl that it looks like it belongs there.

So even though I have a solution (I think) to the problem of running out of yarn on my shawl, it was impossible to work on it with the level of concentration it demands. Tomorrow I have off from work, and even though I have a ton of errands, I am hopeful that I can hole up for a few hours in relative peace and quiet to finish the darn thing. I need to get at least one of my Ravellenic projects done, for a tiny sense of accomplishment.

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  1. Knitting club in town!?! How did I miss that announcement?