Tuesday, February 4, 2014

here we snow again

This morning was breath-takingly, heart-achingly beautiful. Bright sun, clear blue sky. Dazzling white snow coating everything with a layer of sparkle. Even the droop of the weighed-down limbs lent a certain grace to the tree forms. It was magical.

Of course, I have no pictures of it. No work yesterday meant I went in early today to try and make up a few of the hours I missed, and traffic was so snarled that I couldn't pull over for my photographic pleasure—and I probably wouldn't have been able to capture it anyway. I had to enjoy it and try to commit it to memory the old-fashioned way.

I did manage a quick shot of the trees 
overhanging my work entryway.

Tonight we are on standby again for another storm through the night into the morning. No one can agree on exactly what we will be getting but it sounds like a nasty snow-ice-rain mix. Everyone is on edge, more so than usual with winter storms, and it may be due the one-two right hook/upper cut combos that Mother Nature is throwing our way in such quick succession this winter. The sole topic of conversation is weather, and I am obviously no exception. I can't even think about what is supposed to happen this weekend, but suffice it to say it's not good.

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