Thursday, February 6, 2014

facebook movie

Have you watched yours yet? (Assuming you are on Facebook of course.)

I was doing my best to resist the hype, plus not as much computer time these days, but then this video convinced me that I needed to watch mine, just so I could get all the jokes. The starting frame of the satiric video is "As far as my friends know, my life is perfect."

Umm, yep, that summed up my video perfectly. Sappy music plus pictures of me looking happy, plus tons of pictures of Primo and a couple of Terzo. As far as Facebook is concerned, Secondo doesn't exist. I am a bad mother of a middle child. So here is a picture of my wonderful, kind-hearted, well-loved (I swear!!) middle son with his rabbit Oreo.

Just to prove that he does exist. I posted the same picture on Facebook to assuage my motherly guilt.

Facebook also thinks that I run All. The. Time. I don't. I just run a few events here and there and then post my picture to make it seem that way. For the record, I haven't run for almost a month. I am resisting a 5 am alarm, plus there is no place to run with all these plowed snow mountains on the side of the road. But now I feel like Facebook has called me out on that too.

Damn you, Facebook. You were already a giant time suck. Now you have to be a guilt factory, too?

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  1. Secondo is a gem of a son--and grandson. Hug him an extra time for me today, please.