Wednesday, February 26, 2014

costumes of downton abbey

Today was the press preview of the new Winterthur exhibit "Costumes of Downton Abbey."  With my father in tow as official photographer and Chris as tour guide extraodinaire, we made our way south through white-out conditions (snow isn't even worth mentioning anymore, we just get on with life) to Delaware and the Winterthur Museum.

I was extremely fortunate to attend as a representative of Interweave Press, because I'm writing an article about the exhibit for them, to be published in the fall. I was a little blown out of the water to be signing the guest sheet right after a representative from the Smithsonian Magazine.

The press briefing was chock-full of interesting information and tid-bits and perspective for my article, plus delicious food. Is delicious food a typical feature of press briefings? If so, I need to find a way to start attending more of them.

After the information session we made our way up to the gallery, not quite finished yet, to see the costumes. They are cleverly arranged by time of day—you make your way from early morning through the day to late evening. In addition to the three dresses pictured below, the exhibit includes pieces worn by all major characters, including the downstairs staff, plus information about the similarities and differences to life on an American country estate.

YES. I saw all three of these dresses IN PERSON.

Whether your interest is textiles, costuming, history or just plain Downton Abbey fan-dom, this exhibit is sure to satisfy. Lots of clever displays, great information, illustrative photos, and quotes from the show.

Me, with Mary and Matthew from the engagement!

Plus costumes. Did I mention the costumes? They are amazing up close, even more fascinating and detailed and interesting than you can catch on the screen. If you are anywhere near Delaware any time during the next nine months, and you love Downton Abbey, don't miss it.


  1. Relax. Delicious food is not a typical feature of press briefings. In fact, food is not usually ever associated with press briefings. Or maybe the press briefings I attend are in the wrong industry?

  2. Gorgeous! I'll have to make it down there to see this.