Monday, February 24, 2014

delayed gift-ification

In all the kerfluffle with unpacking the car and getting everyone fed late last night, I forgot about the intriguing package left in with our mail over the weekend.

It was a nice surprise to rediscover it on my desk tonight. The wrapping is a paper sewing pattern, with a homemade gift tag made from a Christmas card. Packaging after my own heart!

A wonderful little owl bag, my Yankee swap gift in my spinning group's exchange all the way back in mid-December. Its maker, my very creative friend C., hadn't finished it in time for the swap, so she took it back to work on the final details. I've missed the last two meetings so she must have dropped it off in resignation on the way home from Friday's get-together.

In the best way possible, I had forgotten all about it, so it was a double treat. What a great project bag it will make with that satin lining—it is the perfect size and depth for a sock.

Plus it is a match for the great iPhone case sent to me about a year ago by the lovely Mrs C. (a different C!), made by her kids on a rainy day for a church fundraiser.

All owled up, thanks to crafty friends!

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