Monday, June 30, 2014

worms everywhere

And not the good kind, though I did find an encouraging number of those when I was working in the garden on Saturday.

No, today started with the really bad kind, of the maggot variety, in Oreo the rabbit's hind end. I hope we caught it early enough. Thanks to some dedicated use of tweezers I think he is now maggot free, and the vet started him on pain meds and antibiotics.

Poor bun! Flystrike is an awful thing.

This unfortunate situation forced our hand on his summer living quarters. We have been dragging our feet on moving him to the basement while we worked out how to keep him and Valentine safely separated, because her litter box is down there and she has free run.

I present: the bunny bunker.

Hoarding, you pay off yet again.

They may be physically separated but neither is happy with the arrangement. Valentine wants to know who the alien invader is. Oreo has been thumping up a storm to keep her away.

They will work it out eventually. 

The extremely good news: no maggots found tonight. I'll deal with everything I was supposed to do today, tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I've found that in cases of flystrike on sheep, a double dose of ivermectin will have the vermin clearing out in a few hours. Blue kote will seal the wounds so they don't return.

    All the best to dear little Oreo.