Sunday, June 22, 2014


Almost two years to the day after the first one left, boy number two left today on pilgrimage with his church youth group.

Walking stick, check. Scallop shell, check. (Hint: It's on his bag.) Stone to leave at a cairn, check. (In his pocket, so don't look for it in the picture!) All symbols of pilgrims inspired by St. James, the patron saint of pilgrims and namesake of our church.

He is with a really nice group of kids, along with our fantastic priest and wonderful deacon (in a small world sort of way, a friend of my family from way way back). I pray and hope that he will have a meaningful and most of all safe journey, as they travel all the way to Nova Scotia and back.

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  1. Interesting. Where in Nova Scotia do they go and what is the site there? (I don't know if that is the question to ask, but I just expected the pilgrimage to be in Central or South America!)