Friday, June 6, 2014

knittus interruptus

A cleaner workroom two weeks ago meant I finally found the missing project: a cotton vest that would be perfect for these cool late spring nights. When I picked it up again to finish it off, after three months of hibernation, the pattern seemed to be written in greek. The lace made no sense anymore, and all the alterations I had started (longer body length, higher bustline) were a mystery. It goes without saying that I hadn't made any notes that would help with the problem.

After two nights of staring at it in confusion, the only way to deal with the problem was to rip, rip, rip and try to get back to a recognizable point.

Of course, once I figured out where I was and got down to finishing it, only a few hours of work were left. I had put it down to work on the Downton Abbey projects, so abandonment was necessary, but I can't believe how close I was to finishing it off! It took me almost as long to figure how to pick up. For the record, it is Sweater Babe's Little Lace Vest, with modifications.

Interesting side note about that blocking mat. I was soooo happy when I found these extra large interlocking mats at Five Below and snapped up a couple. I was even more thrilled when my whole project fit on one mat!

Then I took the sweater off when it was dry and found out that color-fastness was not included in the low, low, Five Below price. Even the lace pattern transferred! Now I can block out any sweater with the proper dimensions marked out.

The buttons arrived today from Melissa Jean. It appears that I have a full blown addition to her buttons. Nothing else will do. But seriously, with the leaf lace, could I have chosen anything else after I spotted these?

Even better than the perfect buttons is the perfect fit.

The modifications turned out exactly as I planned.

It may have taken months from start to finish, but I got it finished at just the right time for once.


  1. Another winner! Those buttons are perfection. Love the vest and the yarn too. I currently have a hat I have put down and picked up three times. A silly beret for heaven's sake. I convince myself I'm lost and it would be easier to start over. At this rate I will wear the yarn out before I actually make something to wear. Kudos for finishing! Hoooray!