Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's funny, how the image people have of you can be frozen at an image that bears no resemblance to your current state of self. A few weeks ago, someone was relating how they described me to an acquaintance as "you know, the runner."

Unfortunately a runner is the furthest thing from what I am right now.

As a matter-of-fact statement of affairs, I have barely run this year. My new job was catastrophic in this regard: I managed one morning run in the four months I worked there, even counting the weekends. Meanwhile, the pounds piled on all too quickly. I have not weighed this much since I was pregnant.

Drastic action was called for, so when the sign-up for Juneathon 2014 landed in my inbox a few days ago, it seemed to be the kick in the pants I needed. Juneathon, a British invention, requires participants to perform some sort of exercise every day in the month and then blog about it. Luckily the rules have been relaxed and I just need to tweet, not blog, so I don't have to add any unnecessary content to the already-aimless drivel on here.

Juneathon logo

Speaking of tweeting... I started a twitter account back in January, on a whim, on my way to Vogue Knitting Live. I am @winterspastkris, in case you are interested. For the next month, it will pretty much be about running, but maybe it will be the other kick in the pants I need to start doing a little more with that. Up to now I haven't had too much to say, because I cannot avoid the nagging feeling that the world (a) doesn't need to hear that much more from me; and (2) doesn't really care.

For now, however, I just need to get my rear end in gear, whatever it takes. So for this morning, two miles run and some core exercises: box checked [done].

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