Friday, June 20, 2014

one down, two to go

We managed to get one through high school. Whew.

Yep, he did that pose across the stage on his way to get his diploma... Couldn't be prouder of the kid, though. He worked his tail off and never lost focus on the bigger goal. I could probably use some of that.

He waffled on whether to decorate his hat or not, which has apparently become the custom, but decided to follow the lead of his friends.

Terzo scoured the craft store for tiger paraphernalia. I had to hand it to the kid, already knowing the mascot. Primo initially resisted using one of his finds but finally caved, because it was Terzo, after all.

Now it is officially summer. Whew again.

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  1. Oh my, it goes by so fast. I love the fact that Primo took the items from his little brother. A very satisfying parenting moment! You guys are doing a great job.