Saturday, June 14, 2014

juneathon week two

Wow, another week gone already? I chalk it up to the blur of activities this past week.

My stats are not exactly stellar as I am fighting off an attack of plantar fasciitis in my right foot. It plagued me for a month after I ran a 10K in November for which I had done little training, and it is rearing its ugly head again. I spent most of this week trying to exercise without aggravating it too much, much like trying to appease a softly growling dog.

Miles run: 0
Miles walked: 3
Miles done in sprint/walk intervals: 5.5
Flights of stairs in lieu of running: 21
Days when ab exercises had to suffice: 2
Poems composed this week: 0; too busy using all my mental energy to convince my foot that it is perfectly fine and needs to shut the heck up already.


  1. Try new shoes with specially-fitted inserts. New Balance and Ideal Feet are good places to get fitted. That's what helped my husband kick the plantar fasciitis. --Rebekah in Oklahoma

  2. boo to the PF. are you rolling your foot on a golf ball? Sometimes that helps for me.