Saturday, June 21, 2014

juneathon week 3

Another week down, and my body is getting somewhat resigned to the exercise every morning. I am trying a new habit, putting on exercise clothes as soon as I get out of bed. This more or less forces me to exercise before I take a shower, as I feel stupid taking off the exercise clothes if I haven't done some sort of exercise in them. This often means that I am in exercise clothes for an inordinately large portion of the day while my will to exercise and my will to stay put in the house duke it out.

Another incentive, at least for the last three days, was being accompanied by a pacer. He finished school on Wednesday, and I am fighting the good fight to keep him off screens for at least 10% of his waking hours. Added bonus: he chivvies me out the door and into action, so his nagging plus the exercise clothes have done the trick for six days in a row now. Six!!

Stats for the week:
Miles run: 0
Miles walked: 2
Miles done in walk/run intervals: 13
Days when I got my rear end outside: 6
Days when ab exercises had to suffice: 1
Days I forgot to do the ab exercises all together: 5

P.S. Thanks to those who commented last week about my foot. The massage is helping, and it does seem to be abating though I obviously haven't tested it yet with solid running. I am hoping to get new shoes this week as I think that is a big part of the problem.

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