Saturday, June 28, 2014

juneathon week 4

My Juneathon seems to be ending with a whimper. Far from being an empowering week of building upon all my hard work, my foot is still wonky so I can now run less mileage than when I first started the month.

Plus today nearly did me in. It was shape up or sheep out day here on the farm, so the first three hours of the morning were spent doing fun exercises like "catch all the sheep" and "trim 18 sets of sheep hooves" (for the record, that is 72 individual hooves) and "give 10 rambunctious lambs their shots." This is what the sheep had to say about this exercise regimen*:

Oddly enough they stopped their cacophony of complaints when we started filming them. Before we turned the camera on, we were afraid that the neighbors would be calling the cops on us for excessive noise. Perhaps the sheep were worried that we were going to use the evidence against them in a court of law or something. Who knows how those brains work.

The afternoon was spent working on the vegetable garden. So between the two chores, my legs didn't get much of a workout, but my back is completely shot. I think I burned some calories though.

Oh well, there's two days to go. Still time to run a marathon, especially if I started tonight, but since today's activities mean I cannot move (1) very far and (2) very fast, even that may not be enough time.

The week's stats:
Days I spent sitting on the beach pretending that counted as exercise: 1
Days I walked around lower Manhattan in lieu of organized exercise: 1
Days I did farm chores in lieu of organized exercise: 2
Days I participated in an exercise class (but no running): 2
Days I actually got out and did run/walk intervals: 1

* Fear not, animal lovers, they were not haltered in the sun for hours upon end. We did all the work in the barn and moved them out to the fence once they were completely done, prior to leading them back to their current grazing area.


  1. I am impressed that you have enough halter so to cover all your flock!

  2. Nina, they are a frequent 4-H and junior showing prize, so we have them in every color imaginable!