Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pilgrim's progress

The house is a little quieter and less cluttered today, because Primo left on pilgrimage with his youth group early this morning.

Each kid took a walking stick and a small stone. If you look under his left arm, you can see a scallop shell, the traditional mark of a pilgrim and the symbol of our church's namesake, attached to his pilgrimage bag. 

(I have no idea what the Pepsi advertising is a sign of, except perhaps unquestioning acceptance of the ubiquitous nature of corporate symbolism.)

Our town was one of the crossroads of the American Revolution. They are tracing the path of patriots and loyalists up to Boston (patriot side of history) and then to Nova Scotia (for the loyalists), to explore the themes of making choices and staying true to your beliefs. 

The rest of us are left behind to take care of pigs and sheep. Secondo is doing his best to fill in for one of Primo's employers, but finding the shoes are pretty big ones to fill.

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