Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TEAny hats

One of my favorite knitting charities is the Seaman's Church Institute. Their Christmas at Sea volunteer knitting program (a volunteer program I can really get behind!) provides a handknitted scarf or hat along with other goodies to international and inland mariners. I usually manage to kick out a Seafarer's Scarf or two every year, as the ultimate autopilot-yet-feel-good-about-it knitting.

CAS recently launched a new initiative, in conjunction with Starbucks: the 1200 TEAny Hat Project. Those little hats were too cute to resist and I sent away right-quick for my mini watch cap knit kit, which came last week. I received enough tags for five hats and in short order (yarn scraps to the rescue), I had five TEAny hats!

A crop of TEAny hats in the garden!

A very fun project which will be on its way back to CAS just one week after receipt. They don't come much more satisfying than that.

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