Monday, June 18, 2012

pigs on pasture

One of the things the boys had to work out was how to hot wire (i.e., electrify) a fence for the pigs. The sheep fence was all well and good, but not enough for determined hogs who like to dig and root under fences. A low hot wire was necessary to deter such behavior.

Another learning curve... it is not exactly the set-up they wanted, but by late yesterday afternoon (hence the sun in the camera lens) they were ready to let the pigs out of the catch pen.

These pigs were raised on concrete. The pens were roomy and clean, and they had access to the outdoors, but I don't think they had ever been in contact with grass before. The first thing they did in the catch pen was to eat grass and dirt.

The first thing they did when we persuaded them to leave the relative safety of the catch pen was... well, you'll see. Sorry about the video quality; the boys were in a hurry to let them out and I grabbed the first camera I could find. At the end, Primo is warning Red that the wire is hot.

By later that night they had settled down and were contentedly eating from their feeder. They set up camp in the little shed for the night. They still spend most of their time in the front of the pasture, though they have been spotted running laps together around the perimeter.


  1. Awwww....happy pigs!

  2. I just can not stop watching the video over and over. They are so much fun!!