Sunday, June 24, 2012

pigs in a wallow

Last pig video for a while, I promise, but I had to share the wallow.

The pigs created this on a very hot day last week, after we hosed them down. They took advantage of the wet spot the hose created in the pasture and set to work. About two hours later, they had this to show for it.

It's hard to get an idea of the scale of it, but as you can see from the video, it is big enough that all four pigs can fit in at one time.

An impressive feat of pig architecture. They are working on several others, some of which need to be filled in with a bale of junk hay to discourage them, but this one is their preferred hangout. They will run over if anyone walks near it, hoping that you have come to hose them down.

We have discovered that our clay soil is great for one thing at least: holding water for a pig wallow.

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