Tuesday, July 1, 2014

nap kitty

Turns out that being hunched over a rabbit for an hour or so removing maggots is good for two things:
  1. getting rid of all the maggots (we did an awesome job, if I do say so myself, not a maggot has dared to show its disgusting little self since); and 
  2. throwing my back out. 

The hoof trimming marathon on Saturday was a good training exercise, but the rabbit did me in. So the great majority of the past two days, far from being the action-packed productiveness I had planned, were spent flat on my back on a heating pad, zonked out on pain relievers, in between brief spurts of required productiveness.

The silver (orange?) lining has been Nap Kitty.

Nap Kitty doesn't sleep with anyone at night. Nap Kitty doesn't even sit on laps now that the weather has warmed. But Nap Kitty loves a good nap companion. If I head upstairs for any reason in the middle of the day, she appears out of thin air and scoots up the stairs ahead of me. Should my errand include a trip to my bedroom, I'll find her waiting expectantly on the bed. I must confess that I have succumbed to her suggestion more than once.

Nap Kitty must always be touching her fellow nap-ee. Apparently it is in the Nap Kitty contract.


  1. Ah yes! Nap, complete with cat. Most awesome!

  2. Poor you! I hope your back is better. Hurt back and maggots. That's just not a very winning combo :*(

  3. I see she's holding you in place in case you had any ideas about getting up before she's finished napping.