Saturday, July 19, 2014

the boys are back

Our final long trek this week, up to the northwestern corner of New Jersey to pick up our two boys from camp, plus two other 4-H boys.

The return trip was quite a pungent one. Partially because it had rained early in the week and the wet clothes marinated at the bottom of plastic laundry bags for the entire week. Partially because although they swear they took showers all week, they neither looked nor smelled like they had any encounters with running water or soap since the last time we had seen them.

The camp theme this week was pirates. All of the kids in our car declared it to have been "the best camp week ever."

This was Secondo's seventh year in a row at this camp, so I guess he is pretty qualified to make that judgment.

All four boys who rode in our car are in this picture. (Hint: Terzo is in the top left.) And yes, that boy (one of our car contingent) wore that boot the entire week of camp. The boot now needs to be burned.

As for the socks? Those of you who bet that Terzo wouldn't even sully four pairs: you win.

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