Thursday, July 10, 2014

barn cover-up

A familiar sight on so many farms: decrepit out-buildings. Paint peeling or completely washed off. Walls tilting, roof sagging, doors permanently ajar.

Case in point: our barn. Peeling paint, check. Rotting doors, check. Buckling sides, check.

The last time we painted it was about eight years ago, with the assistance of a generous family workcrew—a barn painting instead of barn raising. It has been past time for another paint job for about a year, but we been unable to find the time and will to get it done. My father, ever the invaluable problem solver, came up with a solution: wrap the whole thing in vertical vinyl siding instead. No need to paint ever again.

He measured, he ciphered, he found parts, he figured out methods, and on Tuesday we started the project, with a little demolition. Boys love a good demo task.

Even better than using a crowbar to take things apart is using a nail gun to put them back together.

The doors are almost done, complete with new sliding windows. Depending on the siding delivery timetable, we may be able to start putting it up as early as Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for us, for safety for all and especially for my father's sanity in getting us through it.


  1. I have never heard of PVC siding! Hope the weekend goes well.

  2. Nina, you are right! It is vinyl siding. I think the trim may be PVC but obviously, what do I know?