Tuesday, July 29, 2014

what, me worry?

Our truck has been idling little rough this week, which I noticed only because I have had to use it as my sole mode of transportation while our car is in the shop. Of course, I was the only one to notice the rough idle. I was also the only one to panic, because there is only one time during the entire year that the green truck HAS to work, and that is when it is towing the trailer to and from the county fairgrounds for fair.

Do you sense a theme this week? Fair dominates my every waking (and sleeping) thought (and nightmare).

In a bit of a sweat today, I called my friend and fellow 4-H leader, who also happens to be married to an awesome mechanic, who is also a really nice guy. He came over tonight to take a listen and set my mind at rest, and diagnosed a slight problem with the vacuum something-or-other. He reassured me that it will be fine for the all-important tow, but he will see to the problem in the near future.

I strongly suspect that he was just appeasing me so I will stop bugging his poor wife, but I'll take it.

Primo had come out to shoot the breeze with them, plus he had an ulterior motive. For a week now, he has been complaining about the awful whistling noise that his car has been making. It is apparently so awful that he agreed that he would not drive to and from his girlfriend's house 30 miles away, a fate worse than death, rather than risk the imminent breakdown of his car. My husband and I had listened to the car in the driveway, but had failed to hear the whistle.

Before the mechanic left, Primo asked if he could lend his ear to the problem. Because the whistle only happens while the car is in motion, he took the guy for a quick spin.

The problem reared its noisy head soon after they left the driveway.

"Hmm....," our mechanic friend said. "Is anything new? Your windows not working properly? Did the sound appear after the cracked windshield was fixed?"

No, no and no, Primo responded.

Then it dawned on him. The whistle started right after.... he put on the bike rack for a mountain biking expedition with his girlfriend last week.

It's a wonder the guy still talks to us.

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