Saturday, July 5, 2014

bad habits

Our usual pattern when it comes to home maintenance is to wait until there's an emergency, then get everything done in record time. Emergencies generally come in two forms: hurricanes and entertaining. 

We are in pattern two at the moment, with Primo's graduation party scheduled for tomorrow. Those drapes that the kitten ripped up three months ago, and you could see the holes from the front door?


I told myself that I didn't want to replace them before she was done with her destructiveness, but in all honesty I just didn't want to have to go shopping for curtains.

Likewise the wreck of a front garden bed that I had to see, or more to the point avert my eyes and ignore, every time I got out of my car.

Two hours, seven new plants, a very helpful helper and ten bags of mulch later:


And then there's the fountain that has been out of commission for two years.

Dusty is resigned to our bad habits.

He just tries to stay out of the way while we whirl around him, at least until the next emergency hits.

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