Sunday, July 20, 2014

picking up steam

The entire family crew was on hand for today's barn assault, plus my ever-patient parents. 

This made all the difference in the world. We morphed into two work crews, both of which have more than a passing acquaintance at this point with the ins and outs of vinyl siding installation.*

One crew specialized in attaching the siding, while the other crew worked ahead to mount the J-channel at all critical points, sometimes using the truck bed as a ladder. Don't report us to OSHA.

As we have learned, and I will happily share with you in case you ever need to know, J-channel is the magical piece that holds the siding in place on the sides, top, and bottom of your building. We could write a manual at this point, which would maybe even be better than the manual than we have, written as it is in Comic Sans. No apologies for my font snobbery. 

We were lucky to have a detail that specialized in work crew rehydration.

Dusty was, as usual, resigned.

By the end of the day: one side of the barn, FINISHED!!! OK, so it is the shortest side height-wise, but it is the longest width-wise. The photo includes a bit of the unfinished side to show how great it looks. We were joking that we should have chosen a dramatically different color so the transformation would be a little more obvious to other people, but we know.

Even better than one side of the barn done, was the the fact that we made great progress on another side of the barn!

The door is the only bit left on the bottom to put siding on; it already has the PVC framing and a brand new window, with screens, in place. Best Christmas present ever, especially because it came with the labor and know-how to mount it in place. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!

None of us is looking forward to working on the part above this section, however, which extends up to a twenty-foot peak.

*Nina, you were correct. The siding is vinyl. Just the framing boards (the white in the pictures) are made of PVC. Thanks for the catch.

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