Sunday, July 13, 2014

camp supplies

One of those weekends... Lots done but definitely too much scheduled. The list included two minor league baseball games, working our tails off on the barn project, food for church coffee hour, a backyard wedding and barbeque (which featured some of the best food we have eaten in a while, our own recent event included) and tonight, the grand finale:

Packing two boys for summer camp.

Me, at Walmart buying supplies this morning: "Ok, here is bug repellent, little tubes of toothpaste, body wash, and new underwear for both of you. What else do you need?"

Secondo: "I don't need underwear!! I have plenty of underwear!! Put that back, I don't want it."

Terzo: "Nothing. There is absolutely nothing else that I need."

[insert work on the barn, backyard wedding, blueberry washing, and laundry here]

Me, 7 pm: "Are you all packed? Where are the rest of your socks? Four pairs isn't enough."

Terzo: "That's all I have! It's enough for a week though. Plus I told you that I was out of socks. Remember, when I was in school and it was time for the play, I told you I needed more socks?"

Me: [don't trust myself to say anything, head out for socks]

[insert more laundry, more blueberry washing, and cleaning the rabbit's basement pen here]

Me, 9 pm: "OK, that should be it apart from the new socks in the dryer. Do you have everything packed?"

Secondo: "Well, I can't find enough pairs of underwear..."

Super moon over left field

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