Thursday, July 3, 2014

on the way to cape may

A trip all the way down to the very tippy tip of NJ today, to celebrate my mom's birthday in Cape May.

Is there any better way to spend your birthday than snuggling with a sweet grandbaby?

We thought Arthur was going to crash the party but he decided to hang out in NC for a while instead. The younger two boys got in some beach time (Primo was working), though they couldn't venture in too far due to dangerous rip currents created by the impending storm.

My mom and I even had a chance to check out the local yarn store, Fiber Arts Yarn Shop, which was less than a block from my brother's rental. What a great selection! They even have free knitting classes every day at 3 pm during the summer. I was looking for some special cotton yarn and they had just the ticket. 

It was a hike, but well worth the drive, for this reason most of all!


  1. Glad you got in some beach time, and snuggles with the new little one!

  2. Those folks at that yarn store are the best! I haven't been down in a while but I used to go to Cape May every year, and one year took my character blogdolls, the Dollivers into the shop, and the women there were so good natured about posing with them. Good for pr, but they were very cool and gave me a nice visit. And I left with beautiful Spanish merino roving, now incorporated partly into a tapestry this year.
    I love this blog!