Thursday, January 30, 2014

wonderful woolens

Clara Parkes nailed it in this week's edition of the Knitter's Review:

"Never have handknits seen more action than they have in the past two months." 

Yep, pretty much. Some of my hand-knits that haven't seen the light of day for years are being pressed into service. Part of it is the fact that my commute now requires me to get dressed up in a bit more than the hand-me-down Carhartt jacket I used to wear. But the other part is that it is hella cold right now, so cold that it isn't good enough to just jump in the car and blast the heat, and nothing does the job like wool.

Just home from work, wearing my graduated-dyed gloves and
my Colonnade shawl, which I have since overdyed (obviously).
Who cares that they don't exactly match?

When we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden two weeks ago to see the Knit Purl Sow display, I was wearing my Magdalin hat with matching (for once) Sugar Stick scarf, and fingerless Estonian mitts. My younger (non-nephew) brother came up behind me.

"Hey, crazy lady," he laughed. "Do you like to knit or something?" Well, I was on my way to see an exhibition of knitted flowers. It wasn't exactly a secret. His mirth only increased when he looked at my feet and realized I was wearing hand-knitted socks as well.

Very little, in my life at least, is more satisfying than wrapping myself up in a treasured item that embodies not only pride of craft but also good memories of its creation. It only gets sweeter when my loved ones do the same with items I have knit for them.

And the fact that it is keeping us warm and comfortable as well? Icing on the cake.

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