Saturday, January 4, 2014

baby, it's cold outside

Holy crow! Minus 3 at 6 am this morning, which is not a temperature regularly seen in these parts. Primo had chore duty, and he bundled up in his Carhartt overalls, jacket, hood, handknit balaclava, ski goggles and gloves. There was not an inch of skin showing. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture. He said it made it just bearable that way.

Dusty is built for it, except for the ice balls that keep forming between his toes.

I must confess I haven't ventured out myself except to view a snow fort that Secondo and Terzo built by the patient parking lot. I have a whopper of a head cold and I am nursing it well out of the arctic blasts.

Time inside means time for knitting of course, especially since I have a deadline looming for the second edition of The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits. I came up with three proposed patterns this time and I can't decide which one I like best. Even if one (or all) is rejected, I think I will go ahead and publish it (or them) on my own, I am that enthusiastic about them. All three samples were finished, blocked, ends woven in and write-ups done today. I will be able to send out the package on Monday on my way to (gulp) work.

I also managed to finish the last of the Christmas hats, which was just waiting for the ends to be woven in, but I think I will wait for a model to show it off. I am going to put my feet up again and pick up a long-abandoned project. The question is just which one?

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  1. Looking forward to your patterns! Good luck with your new job, and may your cold be gone soon. It was -20 here this morning, so the 18F it is now feels like springtime! But we ha be 10 more minutes of daylight, so I am celebrating!