Tuesday, January 14, 2014

starting off right

It's not always easy to swallow, but it's a fact of life: one little thing can start your day down the path of happiness instead of doom and gloom.

(The corollary, of course, is the Sneaky Hate Spiral, as so perfectly expressed by the brilliant Allie Brosh. TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS POST, if only for the great representation of the primary rage tube and its critical role in your happiness.)

This morning, I managed to fit in a run before work. Only two miles! But it was a great start to the day and everything proceeded nicely from there. I still haven't figured out how to work in the farm chores, however. The only answer seems to be waking up at 5 (gulp) am. Luckily my ever-patient husband has picked up the slack and done them but we will have to work out some sort of system so we can both get a run in. Hopefully it does not involve waking up at 5 am.

The other thing I managed to start was the Mystery Knit-a-Long Shawl!

Nina pointed out that I failed to identify the pattern, in case anyone else wants to join the fun—I don't think it's too late! It is the "Follow Your Arrow" Mystery Knit-a-Long by Ysolda Teague. The whole thing is very clever and (I think) unprecedented. Every clue set, five total, is actually two clues which perfectly build upon each other. Participants choose variant A or B per clue, and the merriment continues from there. Depending on how you define merriment, of course.

I chose variant A from Clue 1. My mom chose variant B. Mystery already! And I am only on row 15.

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  1. Oh dear... I love and admire Ysolde T! Oh my. I may just have to look this one up!