Friday, January 31, 2014

pelt run

Back up to Quakertown today, to pick up the finished pelts while the weather was cooperating. It's a small window this winter! I was amazed by all the ice floes on the Delaware River.

In most spots it was bank-to-bank ice but the places to pull over and take a picture on the river side highway are limited. I had to settle for one with my favorite bridge, "Trenton Makes The World Takes" (known locally as the Trenton Makes bridge). Sadly, as with most cities, it's no longer accurate but you've gotta love the sheer chutzpah of the statement.

The pelts are beautiful, as always. Bucks County Fur, the tanning company, is a hole in the wall, tucked down an alley behind houses. It's a lot of fun to read the names on the processing list while I am waiting, and recognize fellow shepherds from all over the country. Such a small universe, served by a very limited number of businesses. I was gladdened to see some new, younger faces in the plant this time. It gave me hope that the business will be around for a few years to come.

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  1. Oh my! Those are gorgeous!! Do you sell them?