Monday, January 13, 2014

mystery knit-a-long

Sounds so, well, mysterious. What could it be?
Knitting while watching CSI or Sherlock Holmes?
A knitting murder mystery? (They do exist!)
Sitting in a dark room knitting? Also known as knitting at the movies, while watching something you weren't really interested in in the first place (i.e., any Chipmunks movie ever made...)
 Answer is: none of the above.

A mystery knit-a-long is one in which clues are released over a set period of time. The participants are told what yarn and needles they will need, but that's it. You are expected to just follow along and see what develops.

The result is usually a shawl, usually with quite a bit of lace in it.

I have never done a mystery knit-a-long before, mostly because I was not a huge one for shawls. But my short time in an office has shown me what valuable accessories they can be, both for warmth and jazzing-up-an-otherwise-dull-outfit purposes.

So I convinced my mom to do it with me (not hard, she has the appealing habit of usually being up for whatever craziness I propose) and found some yarn in my stash that it seems will work nicely together.

I am trying really hard this year to use up yarn that I already own. My stash inventory a few weeks ago revealed the unsettling news that I have enough yarn for no less than 17 sweaters. Seventeen!!! At my current rate of two per year, Terzo will be in college before I finish them!

The yarn on the right is extra special, because it was a birthday gift from Patty and her sister Chris. I will be thinking good thoughts all through this mystery, regardless of what I eventually produce.

Which by the looks of the first clue, released today: will be a shawl. With quite a bit of lace in it.

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