Friday, January 10, 2014

icy conditions

I arranged with my new employer that I will have Fridays off. I know it sounds all “geez, can’t this woman even work a full week already” but I am still working for my husband, not to mention the farm, so I need one day a week to make calls to insurance companies during business hours, try to get farm business done, etc. Today I planned to run up to Quakertown to pick up the finished pelts; the tannery is only open on weekdays.

But nature had other plans. We had a decently-paralyzing ice storm during rush hour this morning, causing so many accidents and impassable roads that a four-hour round trip was not advisable.

Hmmm, if I am handed a few free hours, what on earth should I do with myself…

Of course.  I have been stalled on this second sock at the heel forever. It is a bit trickier than a standard flap-and-gusset heel, as the number of needles involved demonstrates, though it is awfully clever. In case you are interested, it is the “Forethought Heel” from Charlene Schurch’s great book Sensational Knitted Socks, and makes the most wonderful bulls-eye effect when using self-striping yarn.

The couple hours of silence meant I could work out the heel in peace. I am hoping to take it along as a purse project when I am at Vogue Knitting Live next week, in case I have any down time. As if!


  1. VKLive and downtime? Get a grip! Those two words are not compatible.

  2. I will think of you at Vogue Knitting! Sigh! Someday...