Sunday, January 26, 2014

adult skate

I knew when my friend Amy read yesterday's post, because I got a text soon afterwards:

"Are you having adult skate soon?"

She appeared a few hours later, after she had finished her chores for the day. The true definition of adult skate: fun after you get your work done! The shadows were getting longer but there was still a bit of daylight left.

The older boys were already off to various activities and so that left Terzo, who was happy to strap on his skates and join her. I must confess that I am turning into more and more of a wimp where these "potential for harm" activities are concerned. I used to participate with abandon, but my sense of adventure has abandoned me.

Terzo talked her into playing ice hockey with him, which she graciously agreed to. I was out taking pictures until Dusty became too much of a nuisance. He would stand behind me and edge up, then take off in pursuit of the puck as soon as he determined that I was keeping a closer eye on the lens than on him. I took him inside and readied hot chocolate while my husband lit a fire.

The boys cross country team may be joining us in a day or two. I'd better lay in more hot chocolate.


  1. I wish my chores were done! There is something about skating that just calls to me and I cut out without finishing. Although, I got home just in time to quickly get dinner finished up.

    I know what you mean about that fear. Luckily I was warned to hold onto a tree branch when I got close to the pond or I may have gone down before the fun even started. He is such a thoughtful skating buddy.

  2. I love to skate but when risk factor + age = concern when logic reigns, I must content myself to watch and remember. Count me as another reluctant wimp.