Monday, January 27, 2014

mystery short rows

The shawl catch-up plan almost worked. Clue 1A was completed by Saturday night as hoped, despite all the skating and guests, and the row count even worked out. I forgot to take a picture though, so you'll have to picture the striped part all by itself.

Clue 2B, the mostly brown part, is where the wheels came off a bit, and I am not quite finished with it. I chose the asymmetrical clue B over the symmetrical lace clue A, because I am trying to work out of my comfort zone, and promptly ran into trouble with the short rows. I just finished Carol Feller's class on Short Rows at Craftsy. (Really great class, and best of all, it's FREE!) Well-equipped, or so I thought, to handle any short row problem my knitting life could throw at me, I promptly stumbled at working short rows in garter stitch. When I went to the trouble to lift and work my wraps as you should in stockinette, I ended up with big obvious stitches at the turns.


Turns out, the best way to work a short row in garter stitch is just to wrap the turning stitch and don't bother lifting and working it on the return. The wrap looks like the purl bump on a wrong-side row, and when worked across the row, the wrap is virtually invisible. Much quicker than all that work lifting!

I hope to finish up Clue 2 tomorrow. I already took a peek at Clue 3, which was released this morning. Both of the clues are lace panels, so it looks like I will be doing a lace section next.

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