Thursday, January 9, 2014

salad in a container

Last work-related post, I PROMISE. I haven't had time to set foot on the farm, trying to get my routine down pat. Hopefully some farm pictures next week.

I haven't figured out when to fit in exercise (yet—that is next week's task) but since I have to pack my lunch because the office is in the middle of nowhere, I do have a new opportunity to eat more healthily than I usually do for lunch. (Read: handful of chips or crackers.)

I start with a chinese food quart container, and begin to layer.

This one started with the bits of chicken left over from our rotisserie chicken last night. I live with four guys. There's not usually a ton of meat remaining.

Let me apologize right now for the crappy photography. It was 6 am and I was using my iphone but I think it will work to give you an idea.

Add salad dressing. This is also a great way to use up those last bits of dressing in a bottle, because slightly runny dressing works well. A bit of water, shake up the bottle, and you're in business.

Now start adding whatever toppings you want!

This one had: sliced up grapes.

Sunflower seeds.


Last ingredient is the lettuce, right on top of everything, all the way to the top.

Finished salad, from the side. (It would look prettier in a mason jar, which is how I first saw it, but given my track record with taking breakable things into the office, I decided to stick with the safety plastic instead.)

When you are ready to eat, just turn it upside down and shake, making sure the lid is on nice and tight first, of course!!

Terzo's accusatory comment, when he saw me making it: "Did you get this idea from the internet?"

My child knows me well. But it does make for a great lunch.

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  1. Looks great!! I have learned that if I want any leftovers I have to hide them before I even start doling out dinner.