Tuesday, May 22, 2012

destroyer of dandelions

A sight that never fails to amuse me... Oreo munching his favorite treat.

(I had a much better shot outside, except I had my normal problems with the camera and failed to press the "record" button until the end. Argh.)

It was almost a year ago that I found him being eaten alive by maggots, a condition known in livestock circles as flystrike. Talk about horror. Those things are disgusting. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of my LSH and Primo, who picked off untold numbers, and Secondo, who carefully nursed him back to health, Oreo pulled through. The vets who treated him were astounded that he lived, that's how bad it was.

I was paging through the blog for a different reason, and it reminded me of that horrible time. It triggered a reminder to Secondo to clean out the rabbit hutch and guess what he found? Only one to be seen in the bedding, but as we learned the hard way last year, where there's one, there are soon hundreds.

Oreo was thoroughly checked for eggs and seems to be in the clear but he is down in the basement for close monitoring and preemptive treatment. Fingers are crossed that we caught it in time.

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