Wednesday, May 2, 2012

one foot in front of the other

I am at that pre-festival point where I am start i n g  t  o    s   l   o   w      d   o   w    n   .   .   .

My remaining energy and the remaining time are decreasing at roughly the same rapid rate. With less than 48 hours left before we leave, I am starting to have to make choices about what I can realistically accomplish. I am also having to convince myself that it's OK not to get it all finished.

Today was greeting card day... quite a bit of stock to be replenished, which is always a nice problem to have. Cards were printed, little bits of fleece attached, and my LSH's maternal grandmother's punch cups pressed into service to weigh the fleece down while the glue dried.

She was the sort of person that would have gotten a kick out of the unorthodox use, I think.

Five more projects to finish up, and then there's getting everything (and everyone) into the car. That will probably be the most challenging part yet, and that's without the load of fleeces, pelts and sleeping bags already assigned to my parents' car.

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