Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Our two rams had gotten too dangerous to keep around... to the point that Val, who is a big fan of rams, told us after sheep-sitting this February that they had to go. And for reasons of personal safety, she was right. Even the dog was having trouble handling them.

So after shearing, they went.

This past week, I went to down to the butcher to pick up the meat. We process our older sheep into ground meat for people who feed a raw diet to their dogs. Our customers are very loyal, and one in particular had been waiting a couple of weeks for a delivery. I was all set to meet her this morning.

Until I went down to the deep freezer this morning and found a suspect trail of colored water from the freezer...


Primo had loaded the meat into the freezer last Thursday, and though he swears he double-checked the door, at some point it came open.

All gone. The waste is almost unbearable. The food we lost that was purchased at the supermarket was much easier to throw away, but all that we had worked so hard to put into the freezer was much more difficult to toss. It felt like we were throwing away all our hard work along with our money.

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