Friday, May 18, 2012

nothing ventured

As recent posts have hinted, I am trying to rethink and reshape the entire farm business. It was stagnating, and I needed to take it in new directions.

The revolutionary thought finally occurred to me: to increase business and sell items, you actually need to be getting those items out to the general public. Having them sit in a room for all but two weekends a year is not a particularly effective marketing plan.

So tomorrow, I am participating in a street fair with certain farm products, thanks to Joan offering to share her space with me. Short notice after Maryland, but it's just dipping my toe in the water anyway.

I have been trying out items that appeal to the segment of the population that does not spin—obviously a much larger segment than the one that does. The felted pincushions and soaps were part of that effort for Maryland Sheep & Wool, and they both did well. Felted cat toys are further exploration along those lines.

I have hemmed and hawed about what else to bring along, and quite a few things are staying at home... but one thing that made the list was a few of my own handspun skeins. This will be the first time that I will be offering my handspun for sale.

I will be spinning both days at the booth, so it makes sense to bring along a little product along those lines. I doubt they will sell as it doesn't seem like the crowd for yarn, but who knows?

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  1. Without market research, there is only conjecture. Your time on the front lines this weekend is sure to give you lots of information--and probably lots of ideas, too.
    Good luck! Wish we could make it.