Tuesday, May 8, 2012

festival haul

I only had one thing I was looking for this year: black Cushings dye. My parents managed to take care of that in about 10 minutes flat, though I just remembered that I forgot to pay them back for the purchase. Sorry Dad, will get to it soon!

One siren has been calling my name for some time: a sweater's quantity of yarn from Bartlett Yarns in Maine. Their yarn is a harder wool but mule-spun for loft, and I am hoping that it is less pill-prone than the "softer" yarns. My mom was most helpful in choosing a colorway.

Now to find the perfect sweater pattern.

I also couldn't resist a bit of roving. I didn't sell one fleece in the show and sale, unfortunately. Our farm has never had such disappointing results, but oh well. I picked up all the fleeces from the sale and took them straight to Ozark Carding Mill to be processed into roving, and maybe even yarn. Still thinking about that last one, but I was so tired on Sunday, there was no way I could make a decision.

While I was at their booth, this lovely blend made from scraps on their carding machines was irresistible, notwithstanding the fact that I had just put in an order for some 30+ pounds of roving (but not roving that looked like that!).

Fiber addiction: there is no reason to the madness. I can't wait to see what the finished yarn looks like.

The last purchase though... the last was the best. About 4 pm Sunday, Terzo asked for $5 to buy me a Mother's Day gift. I assumed he was going to hit the seed supplier across the aisle once again—kid can't resist a flower—but he quickly returned and told me he needed more money. At this point I was fairly sure I was getting a skein of yarn, but he was so excited and filled with such purpose that I couldn't resist.

He soon returned, bearing his gift with a face full of delight and satisfaction at his choice.

I was pretty much speechless.

It was hard to take a picture that does the color justice. Imagine the brightest neon pink you have ever seen, then add more pink and more neon until your eyes bleed. I had seen that yarn earlier in the weekend and wondered who on earth would buy it. Now I know: 8-year-old boys.

I have pondered and pondered about what to make with it and finally figured it out. Is it any wonder that he would buy such bright yarn, when my running sneakers look like this?

Though they look positively dull when compared to that yarn... I am going to make a hat and winter gloves (luckily it is superwash merino wool) to match my sneaks. The cars will see me coming a mile away.

Better yet: they will know immediately that I am well-loved by an 8-year-old boy.


  1. I remember 8 year old boys! I am glad that you have the perfect way to use it. And you will have it always to remember his 8 year old sweetness.

  2. What a thoughtful gift for Mother's Day - the most extraordinary color!! Love his enthusiasm too!